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Somewhere in the dark mountain hills of Dakota there lived a young boy named.... Paul McCartney???


Yep, I've always been a cowboy. I love the west and I love going out camping. Shut up, Lennon! I do to like the wilderness! What do you mean I won't last a day? I'll show you! Well, folks, I'm a gonna stay out in the wilderness for a week with nothing but my instincts.

For the last time Lennon, SHUT UP!

      ..::~*~*~*~THE JOURNEY BEGINS~*~*~*~::..


Day One:
Well, I've been out here for almost three hours now. So far, I've gotten bitten by seven thousand mosquitoes, stubbed my toe in a log, tripped over a stump, and skinned my elbow. I want to go home!---No, no wait. I don't. I'm gonna prove Lennon wrong! I won't be called a wimp anymore after this! Nope. Now only to build a shelter-- I'm going into the woods to look for supplies.
See ya'll folks later...
-Three Minutes Later-
Okay, maybe I don't need a shelter. I mean, if I go in there that werewolf might eat me. Cowboys slept without a shelter, right? I'll just be brave and go without a shelter.


Stay tuned for more of cowboy Paul's adventures...


The Beatles Rox!